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Polar show

The bear is the lord of the Far North, and we seek to see in each trip. Spitsbergen, you will see 5 to 30 per trip (out of a population of about 3000 individuals), often tens of meters during zodiac cruises or 3 meters if our approach (big) boat. On land, we avoid it. 

There are only 200 bears on the North East Greenland, so in these places, his observation is more random.


Aboriginal and lifestyle

During our stops in Inuit villages, we have very sincere meetings, unlike boats 200 people who dump their cohorts by invading communities. Many of our guides like Pierre Taverniers or some of our Inuit guides, are such experts that you share a unique experience.

Dog sledding and sliding

In all Inuit settlements, you will see sled dogs, but it was not until spring that you could make these trips.


On the Polaris or Hans Hansson on the other hand, we often stay at anchor, to make the most of evenings spent on bridges to admire and live the country.

The famous krill

Polar seas are the richest in the world. Bering Sea and Okhotsk (Russia) are the richest and Antarctica and Barents (between the North Cape and Spitzbergen). Although krill is underwater, we see these animals some of which have a few centimeters in length (less than 3 cm.); we take in in plankton nets to see on board. If we sail in the ice, we will also gulls feed on the Arctic cod, abundant in these places and that feed on plankton that fits under the ice.


The conditions of shots are excellent, with evenings / "nights" with warm colors and beautiful ("Midnight Sun"). You will take lots of pictures!