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Many of our travellers have experienced the adventure of a lifetime and are now more than happy to share their stories with you. You can also do that by adding below your testimonials.

To Beyrouth!
Many thanks for the excellent organization and the perfect choice.. 
Your crew is really professional and we felt like we are among our friends.. 
All went good and we all enjoyed being in Beirut.. 
We just missed meeting you.. 
Thanks again for the excellent service.. 

Hisham Zeyada       11/10/2015

Paradise on earth ? Pretty close. Laze all day on a dreamy beach, sip cocktails at sunset and feast on seafood. Or get active and hike into spectacular volcanic landscapes or dive with turtles in coral canyons.

This is truly a place to escape from it all. The islands of the Seychelles are quite simply the most romantic location imaginable, the

Serge & Sirine Michailidis       09/17/2015
South Africa

A friend and I travelled to South Africa in January 2015, booking all details of the trip through wild Discovery. We stopped in Johannesburg for a night , went on Safari in the nearby Limpopo region for a few nights after, and concluded with four days in Cape Town.

The country is really famous for two things: its beauty and personal

Jean Akouri       09/17/2015

Portofino was a dreamed destination on my list, when i reached this little port i was hit by its charm and genuinity !

It is Liguria's most prized possession; a wild beautiful idyllic village with pastel colored houses set on a luxurious port.

Even the trees are handsome there, a small but perfectly coiffured coastal village that sits on its own peninsula

Mireille Kattar       09/17/2015
MSC Splendida, a Luxurious Cruise!

Our experience on board the MSC Splendida was amazing. The ship itself was breathtaking, the rooms were really nice especially the balcony which presented a great added value. It was great waking up the morning and looking out the balcony and just seeing the ocean all around. We ordered one day breakfast in bed, I expected it to be late

Rafic Abi Saleh and Racha Mansour       04/26/2013
  • Sardinia Endless Island
    7 Days,6 night
  • Grenada & St. Lucia Islands
    15 Days,14 night